Hi, my name is Vinayak (Vinny) and I am a student at Seton Hill University who is studying Computer Science and Mathematics. I am interested in software engineering, software development, DevOps engineering, data science, open-source software, distributed systems, and database management.

I graduate in May 2023 and am presently looking for new grad software engineering, software development, or data scientist job opportunities/positions.


  • Backend: Node.js, Typescript, Express, TypeORM, PostgreSQL, MySQL, NestJS, Jest, GraphQL, PHP, Laravel, Livewire, Pest, Django, Flask, SAML SSO, OAuth
  • Frontend: HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, NextJS, ChakraUI, TailwindCSS, AlpineJS, Bootstrap
  • Other: Git, Bash, Linux, Docker, Nginx, Python, Java, Markdown, Latex, Regex